Public Policy



On Equal Pay day in 2018, several of our members represented our branch during the lunch hours at Moraine Valley Community College, distributing flyers while handing out PayDay Candy bars with stickers promoting the message.

Local Engagement Grant Supported “Equal Pay Day”  

POAB was awarded a 2017 Local Engagement Grant. The check for $500 issued was applied to the April 4th Equal Pay Day Chicago. Each year, Equal Pay Day is recognized world-wide to bring greater awareness to the wage gap experienced by minorities and women.  In the United States, this early-April date symbolically marks how far into a new year the average woman must work to earn as much as the average man did in the previous year.  Last year’s event was a few days later.  Even though some progress has been made we have a way to go to reach equality.  This year the branch hopes to do a local event to bring awareness to the pay gap.